What Are The Best Shoes Flat Feet Running?

Everyone has different kinds of feet some of us have normal feet and others have flat feet. Generally, there is not much difference between the foot as it normal but when it comes to wearing footwear then the problem might arise because shoe manufacturers make shoes taking into consideration the most common foot types. Therefore it is sometimes hard to find shoes made exclusively for the flat foot so in this article we are going to list out the best shoes flat feet running.

In medical terms, a flat foot means almost the entire part of the feet comes into contact with the ground so the arch is very less, and people with these medical conditions are not risks of anything serious but they can experience severe pain because the whole weight is not distributed according to the natural state.

When it comes to walking then a normal shoe will just good but running with flat foot special shoes is required so that the foot is protected from sudden shocks and uneven landings. Shoes with arch support and ankle will be very beneficial in this case.

 Shoes Flat Feet Running To Consider

According to doctors, there are two kinds of flat foot and it doesn’t depend on the arch of the heels but other factors like positions of knee, hips and overall range of motion.

New Balance 880v9


The New Balance ‘s have a reputation for producing one of the best running shoes and in this case, too, this shoe 880v9 can be the perfect friend for runners with flat foot. The shoe is extremely light weighted and provides enough cushioning and support to the heel.

Asics Gel Kayano

Asics have slowly established as one of the major brands in the athletic shoe category and this shoe is no other and people with flat foo must try these shoes because it comes with dual-density midsole while it is easy on the arch. This shoe is typically a running shoe but you can make it your everyday shoe.

Haka One One Clifton 6

Haka is fairly a new brand in the running shoe market but don’t be mistaken by branding as these shoes have started to become favorites among runners and athletes. This shoe is specially designed for individuals with a flat foot as it provides extra cushioning and heel support. According to users, the shoes just gloves around your foot making it fixate at a position.

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